Visa for trips in Egypt

Visa for trips in Egypt

Free visa egypt sharm el sheikh - Sinai only

After arriving at the airport in Sharm el Sheikh, we can decide whether you want to receive a FREE Egyptian visa or buy a paid visa for $ 25.

On the basis of the free Sharm visa this is for the Sinai area only and you can take the following trips: Jerusalem, Petra, Mount Moses, Monastery of St. Catherine, Ras Mohammed (cruise), Cruise to Tiran Island, Diving for amateurs, Safari Abu Galum, Quad safari, Camel safari, Bedouin dinner, Aquapark, Dolphinarium, Swimming with dolphins, Submarine, Glass bottom boat, Flight parachute, kitesurfing and other water sports. This visa is free, valid for 15 days and is issued at the airport after approaching passport control.

A paid visa for 25 USD is necessary if you want to take the following trips: Cairo (by bus), Cairo (by plane), Luxor. On plane trips, you can buy it directly during the trip! It is valid for 30 days. If you travel to Jerusalem, this visa is extended free of charge and does not expire. To buy a paid visa, simply go to one of the bank windows and purchase a visa stamp , this should be pasted on a blank sheet of paper in your passport and shown for passport check-in.


Passport clearance. After entering the airport, you will receive an entry visa card from the travel agent, and the card can be downloaded for free at any bank window. Before approaching the passport check, complete the card in capital letters: name, date and place of birth, passport number and hotel name (see the template next to it), and then approach the passport check.

If you travel to Jerusalem, you only need the "Sinai Only" visa and the paid visa is extended free of charge and does not expire.

Visas and border fees for trips to Jordan and Israel are included in the price of trips.


As part of the trip to Jerusalem, a paid Egyptian visa purchased at the airport (for $ 25) is extended free of charge and does not expire. So when planning a trip to Cairo or Luxor - you can go on these trips in any order.

By choosing only to go on a trip to Jerusalem, you do not have to buy a paid Egyptian visa - all you need is a free "Sinai Only" visa. The price of the trip to Jerusalem includes all border and visa fees on the Israeli side and the Egyptian border fee, paid on the way back from Israel when leaving the border zone.

The border fee in the amount does not apply only to tourists going to Jerusalem from the hotels: Hilton Taba and Movenpick Taba, because they pay it on their own only at the end of the holiday, as part of leaving the border zone on the way back to the airport before departure home .

Take your passport with you on all trips except Sharm el Sheikh. Taking local trips or walking around the city - you do not need a passport.

Individual tourists, i.e. going to Egypt on a scheduled flight, e.g. from Berlin, London or Istanbul, from May 15, 2015 are required to purchase an Egyptian visa before arriving in Egypt. This can be done through the portal:, or ordered through the Embassies of Egypt in Europe.