Insurance for trips in Egypt

Insurance for trips in Egypt


You are insured on all optional trips. All tourists arriving in Egypt are covered by insurance, and the insurance policy is valid during their entire stay in all Mediterranean countries. In the case of trips abroad, in accordance with the Act on tourist services, each travel agency is obliged, when selling the trip, to provide the client with insurance for medical expenses and accident insurance abroad. In case of illness or other situation requiring it, please contact the travel agent. On your behalf, the guardian contacts medical services, provides transport to a medical institution and if necessary, also contacts the Emergency Center of an insurance company in Poland.

This standard travel insurance is valid both at the hotel and in the case of independent visits to the resort and in the event of further trips, e.g. by car from the rental company.

Standard policies offered by travel agencies do not include insurance against illness resulting from chronic illness or for people practicing extreme sports. In such cases, an additional insurance contract should be concluded.

When buying a holiday in Egypt, you should carefully check the scope of insurance offered by the travel agency.