No vaccinations

However, to avoid the famous "Pharaoh's curse", you should follow the principle of increased caution and hygiene when eating meals - often wash your hands, drink only boiled or originally bottled water, do not drink ice drinks, thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits.

The intensity of solar radiation should not be underestimated - especially for children and people with sensitive skin high protection filters are recommended.

Egyptian pharmacies are well stocked. However, some drugs have different names than in Europe. It is worth taking the most necessary medicines from Poland or even know their composition to buy the right medicine on its basis.

List of products that tourists most often ask at Egyptian pharmacies:

Stomach problems:

Antinal - (1 capsule 3 times a day)

Streptafenicol - (1 capsule 3 times a day)

Dexim - (for the first time 2 tablets, then 1 tablet 4 times a day)

Colds and painkillers:

Night & Day - fantastic cold tablets in yellow (for the night) and white (for the day)

123 One Two Three - runny nose, headache, reduces fever


Voltaren - (gel)

Motelium - (homeopathic medicine)



Allergy (skin):

Betaderm - cream

Calcium - (lime tablets)

Sun burns:

Aloe Vera Panthenol - (emulsion, gel, lotion)

The level of medical services, especially in tourist destinations, is at a fairly high level.

You can find here many good clinics and hospitals with an international reputation: Pyramids Hospital, El Salam Hospital.