Excursion with an English guide

Excursion with an English guide


On historical trips to Cairo, Jerusalem, Petra or Mount Moses, knowledge of places and history is provided by a english guide. On trips you are always under the care of professional drivers and guides who cooperate with us on a permanent basis. Drivers in Egypt are Egyptians who fluent in Your language. All guides have the necessary licenses and permits from the Ministry of Tourism in Egypt and are at your disposal on trips to Cairo or Mount Moses. passing the Polish language exam. During trips to Jerusalem, english or permanently living in Egypt are always guides. In Jordan, the same rules apply as for the necessary permits and licenses.

On cruises to Ras Mohammed Park and the Tiran island area - the care of an english instructor applies only to divers.

The driver is the group's supervisor and is responsible for the program and the care of the trip. The Polish guide deals with the content of trips.

In the descriptions of each trip you will find information about the care of a driver and guide