Drinks and tips on trips in Egypt

Drinks and tips on trips in Egypt

Drinks and tips

When going on a trip in Egypt, it is worth having some money for drinks and ... for tips.

In accordance with the standards adopted in Egyptian tourism, drinks on trips are payable additionally, including for dinners during optional trips. Coaches do not have the option of buying drinks, including coffee or tea. You can buy them during stops, which means every two hours on average. Water, coffee, tea are the cheapest and usually cost around USD 1.

In the case of trips where the program is not possible to buy drinks, e.g. due to passing through the desert at night - we provide each participant with a bottle of mineral water.

It is a tradition in Muslim countries to tip baksheesh. Tipping is not mandatory under any circumstances. However, it is worth knowing that the custom of sharing and mutual support is widely present and respected in Egypt. It is good for tourists to leave small tips on trips for drivers or poorer Egyptian employees, especially when we met with their care and commitment to the work and course of our trip.

Increasingly, tourists also take with them practical gifts for the Egyptians, who currently live far below our daily needs and concerns. Not only school supplies for Bedouin children, but also practical gifts such as toothpastes, brushes, hygiene products for young children and Polish chocolate are welcome.

A gift basket of 3-10 dollars is a priceless gift for many Egyptian families that helps them survive in the current economic situation of this country!