Breakfast boxes

Breakfast box

The price of all-day trips includes dinner, usually served in the restaurant in the form of a smorgasbord. On safari trips these are typical Bedouin restaurants. On cruises on the sea, dinner is also a buffet. Usually Egyptian cuisine prevails - kofta (mutton), chicken, beef, potatoes, rice, salads and salads, and traditional Egyptian sauces for salads and dishes. Drinks with meals are always charged extra!

For all-day trips or longer, you can take a packed lunch from the hotel (the so-called "lunch box" or "breakfast box"), which you are entitled to for unused meals paid for as part of your stay.

To receive a packed lunch, it is enough to place the order in person at the reception the day before the trip and specify the time for which it is to be prepared. The packed lunch is ordered and picked up at the hotel reception.

If you return from a trip in the evening - after dinner, you can order a "late dinner" served in your room at the reception.

As part of the tour, there is usually a stop for a meal in places where you can buy hot or cold drinks for packed lunches.

There are situations that in some hotels residents "frighten" that packed lunch is only spent on trips ordered from the resident. This is abuse! Every customer of the hotel has the right to use packed lunches as part of unused meals, regardless of whether he is going on an organized trip or intends to stay outside the hotel for other reasons.

During trips or stops along the way, you can also buy sandwiches, local sandwiches and other fast food at local bars, inns and restaurants.